Jackie de Bruin


Jackie de BruinJackie is the friendly face you see when you enter the Penberthy offices – unless of course she’s at lunch or making someone an insanely good coffee from the Penberthy kitchen.

An avid people watcher, Jackie loves people – all kinds – and it’s a great fit for her at Penberthy because all business is built on relationships and she gets to be the person that chats to them over the phone, creating friendships and getting to know the clients.

“It’s an incredibly comfortable environment here, probably because the owners of Penberthy have always focused on the business being a people-place. As a result the team is supportive of each other and their clients – and there’s no shortage of humour that’s for sure!”

Jackie’s piece of advice is to never be without insurance because you never know what will happen in your life. It is better to be covered – particularly life insurance, because if you have someone in your life, you know that the pay-out will help them when you’re gone.

In her spare time Jackie enjoys going to the movies, music and reading. Although you’ll never find her at a horror or reading a Mills & Boon!

Phone: (09) 486 1175
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