Lillian Strugnell


Lillian StrugnellLillian was an accounts administrator in South Africa and immigrated to New Zealand in 2013. Whilst there are similarities in her roles between the two countries, she prefers Penberthy because there’s actually a system!

Selling everything they owned, Lillian and her family had to start from scratch once they reached New Zealand. But it has been well worth it. The kids are so much happier, schools are better and she gets to see her family again (they were here before her). Which just goes to show – New Zealander’s often don’t know how good they have it.

A real people person, Lillian enjoys working with the team at Penberthy especially because she knows that when she refers people she knows to the company – they’ll be taken care of.

“The brokers follow up nicely with the clients, it’s providing obvious service but they do it so well.”

Lillian enjoys a bit of hobby photography whilst travelling around visiting new and inspiring places. Once home she cleverly turns them into photo books – amazing to look through knowing that you know the photographer.

Lillian’s life-tip to people who ask her is to make sure that you do a bit of travel before you settle down, closely followed by tip number two; when deciding what to do with your life or career, do what you enjoy and have fun with it – as long as you’re insured… because you never know what’s going to happen.

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