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We have a team of experts who all share a common vision of personal service and dedication to providing you with the right solutions to your needs.


Bruce Penberthy


Bruce began his insurance career at NZI in Wanganui – and moved to Auckland in January 1973. Have a chat with him and you’ll soon discover that he has a talent for numbers and dates. He started the Penberthy business on the 16th August 1977.

“The business is steeped in history and wasn’t originally planned as a family business, it just worked out that way – probably because I believe that it’s not money that’s important, it’s your health and family. And that is exactly what has become the life blood of Penberthy.”

Bruce is still involved in the business as a chairman – his fifty plus years’ experience in the insurance industry are incredibly valuable – and you can often find him in the reception area chatting with clients and staff.

He loves sport; fishing, rugby, tennis and table tennis – he’s actually a life member of the table tennis club and competed at the Masters World Games more than once! It’s a sport that he’s still passionate about and plays most weeks.

Ask Bruce what his advice would be to anyone who asks and it’s all about health. There’s a lot of science today, so put thought into what you eat.

Bruce is very proud of the business he’s built and that his sons are now taking it to the next level without leaving behind the family values.



Richard Penberthy

BCom, DipCom, CA, FSP 77783

Initially an accountant in the commercial sector, Richard found the corporate world wasn’t for him – he says that he’s too blunt. Add to that his desire to be in a small business and hey presto – Richard is a daily decision maker affecting his staff and clients for the better.

“Delivering truly exceptional client experiences require everyone on the team to be on board with day-to-day operations. It’s not a catch-phrase that you simply tell staff they need to live up to; it has to be supported by process and procedure designed to help deliver the best experience for clients.”

Our clients range from one-man-bands through to 300+ companies – and I know them. Trust is underestimated and Richard has built this over time – so much so, that his reputation precedes him.

Richard has a problem solving mentality and is confident in asking the hard questions up front. It’s easy to be wise after the event, but time machines don’t exist just yet. The team at Penberthy will cover all risks and exposures, give advice and make recommendations. It’s important to mitigate the circumstances and get it right the first time – sometimes there isn’t a second chance.

“Often you can’t tell what you’ve purchased until you need it; it is after all a piece of paper – a solution to a future problem. And when those problems arise, we are you ally and your advocate.”

In his spare time Richard coaches’ rugby (must be a family thing), he’s just always been into it and once a friend asked him to help out, that was it, he was addicted.

Insurance will often creep into Richard’s personal life too – the bad stuff doesn’t happen just between nine and five you know. It was Christmas day and Richard was sipping champagne in the Coromandel… bliss. His phone rang and he answered – being a good broker means being available – his client had come home to find a car in his house, it had crashed through the wall. Richard told him to go and stay in a motel and then he went and saw him on Boxing Day. They had a laugh and got it all sorted – a perfect example of the lengths Penberthy will go to.

Ask him for a piece of advice and the cheeky answer is to do your homework and listen to your parents. Delve a little deeper though you’ll find a very driven and motivated man. He works hard
so that he can have adventure making memories, in summation that equates to working hard and
living a good life.

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John Penberthy

FSP 77441

John is a qualified engineer and worked on some major infrastructures. So how did he end up at Penberthy? He jokes that his Dad told him to! He enjoys seeing his family every day and working with such a variety of people. His grandfather Arthur used to come in everyday and chat with clients – he lived to the ripe old age of 97! So there must be some kind of life-extending secret in working with family and knowing clients personally.

John loves what he does, he’s passionate about insurance. Winston Churchill claimed that it’s the greatest thing ever invented! An expert in the area of life and health insurance, John deals with planning for the worst. The thing is, you can see it through and through when he talks about what he does – he genuinely cares and wants to make sure that he can go in to bat for you when things go wrong.

“Designing the best cover possible for clients relies heavily on developing a good relationship. There is a myriad of information needed and the greater the transparency, the greater our ability to assess the best mix of insurance components. With this process we ensure value for money and appropriately designed protection for our clients.”

An avid sportsman, coaching rugby three times a week during winter means that John gets his ‘kick’. He likes working with people and claims that is what life is all about – making improvements, helping people, having an influence and seeing them grow.

Cricket was also on the list of activities, now that time is replaced with family time. He used to think that people who just talked about their kids all the time were boring, but now that he has his own, he completely gets it. His son brings him a lot of joy, especially when it’s been a bad day at work.

John enjoys people and likes to make certain that when bad stuff happens, he can make the blow less painful. All he asks is that people just talk honestly about their situation so that he can work out a best case scenario from a worst case scenario.

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Jeanette Penberthy

FSP 77741

Jeanette’s background has always been insurance, her introduction to the industry was as a PA which quickly expanded. Initially anything to do with vehicles; purchase, registration, insurance, licences, risk management, etc. Before long, she was managing portfolios for clients with vehicle fleets and multi-branch locations.

Assessors are people who negotiate with insurance companies on a ‘no win, no pay basis’ and Jeanette worked her way to the top of the ladder as an assessor. For example, if you were declined on an insurance claim, she would go into battle for you based on a commission only basis. It means that Jeanette has detailed experience on how to claim and what can be claimed for.

Jeanette has always worn more than one hat in any of her roles – which is still true today. Her time is divided between insurance and administration, but the benefit of that is knowing the ‘system’ from beginning to end and having an understanding of where policies can go wrong.

Arriving from South Africa in 2002, Jeanette started working as a broker in New Plymouth and from there has worked at some of the largest insurance companies nationally. When comparing any of those firms with how Penberthy operates…

“The larger companies have a mentality of one policy fits all – there’s no personal touch. At Penberthy, we go to market to get the best policy for you.”

Jeanette is all about finding solutions for her clients, that’s the part of the job that she enjoys most and more often than not, it comes down to risk versus premiums. Take Liability Insurance as an example – you might have contents insurance in your office, but if you cause substantial damage to their property, it’d be liability insurance that will save the day. In the long run, which one is going to cost more?

Another example is the unforeseen… A business man was in an art gallery and accidentally knocked over a shelf of ceramic items. Of course, the gallery’s insurance covered the loss, but the insurance company went after the business man – again, liability insurance would have come to the rescue.

“I am amazed at how many New Zealander’s don’t have the correct insurance in place, just talk with us and we’ll get it sorted.”

Penberthy is different because they are a New Zealand family business – don’t underestimate how valuable that is, because the majority of New Zealanders are small business owners. We understand the costs associated with running a business, we have our feet on the ground.

In her spare time, Jeanette enjoys spending time with family, going fishing, decorating and creating photo books – it’s like electronic scrapbooking on a program called ‘craft artist’. It’s very time consuming but worth it. Jeanette thinks that we’re probably going to lose a generation of people who don’t have printed photos. Her family get to look through books she created and reflect on holidays and activities.

When it comes to your insurances, things change and often policies are not updated to cater for the changes. Jeanette can only give advice on what she’s been told and there are no crystal balls – conversations need to happen because online forms can’t ask you questions.

“I need to fully understand your needs to give you the best advice – I can’t advise you on what you need unless I know what your concerns are. There are the standard things, but what is it that worries you. If something happened to your business, what would be your biggest concern? Be open and honest – our experience coupled with your concerns means that we make sure you have all the bases covered.”

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Direct Dial: (09) 213 7996
Mobile: 021 322 981
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Mark Penberthy

FSP 403066

After fifteen years of the corporate world, Mark was over it. Too many regulations and ticking the box just for the sake of ticking the box, he felt that he spent half his time answering to “the man” rather than giving that time to his clients. So came time for him to jump ship and join the family business.

When you ask Mark what he does, he doesn’t like the label “broker”. He is one of the risk and mortgage brokers at Penberthy and you can tell that he’s really passionate about it – he would prefer his label to be “helper of people” because essentially it’s what he does.

Along that extra mile, Mark finds that it’s a lonely road and often – in the world of mortgages – he’s the only one on it. He’s genuine and sincere and wants to make an absolute point of not being lumped in with others who are just after the sale. The reward is getting to know his clients and seeing the appreciation in their eyes when he’s done his job and taken care of everything.

Ask him about his personal life and his demeanour doesn’t change. He paints himself as similar to his Dad – Bruce – and admires that he’s built the business on people.

“I don’t work nine to five, it’s 24/7. I’m always thinking about the peripherals in my clients’ lives.”

Mark reckons his greatest accomplishments include finishing a university degree (in commerce and marketing management) because he’s not a natural fit to the education system. He also enjoys proving people wrong – case in point; running a marathon without training because someone said he couldn’t… and he did it in 3:38!

The three things he wishes someone had told him;

  1. Live life – you don’t know when it’s going to be gone
  2. Enjoy life – make people smile, it’s makes the world a better place
  3. It’s the simple things – enjoy the sun when it shines and the puddles in the rain

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