Mark Penberthy

FSP 403066

Mark PenberthyAfter fifteen years of the corporate world, Mark was over it. Too many regulations and ticking the box just for the sake of ticking the box, he felt that he spent half his time answering to “the man” rather than giving that time to his clients. So came time for him to jump ship and join the family business.

When you ask Mark what he does, he doesn’t like the label “broker”. He is one of the risk and mortgage brokers at Penberthy and you can tell that he’s really passionate about it – he would prefer his label to be “helper of people” because essentially it’s what he does.

Along that extra mile, Mark finds that it’s a lonely road and often – in the world of mortgages – he’s the only one on it. He’s genuine and sincere and wants to make an absolute point of not being lumped in with others who are just after the sale. The reward is getting to know his clients and seeing the appreciation in their eyes when he’s done his job and taken care of everything.

Ask him about his personal life and his demeanour doesn’t change. He paints himself as similar to his Dad – Bruce – and admires that he’s built the business on people.

“I don’t work nine to five, it’s 24/7. I’m always thinking about the peripherals in my clients’ lives.”

Mark reckons his greatest accomplishments include finishing a university degree (in commerce and marketing management) because he’s not a natural fit to the education system. He also enjoys proving people wrong – case in point; running a marathon without training because someone said he couldn’t… and he did it in 3:38!

The three things he wishes someone had told him;

  1. Live life – you don’t know when it’s going to be gone
  2. Enjoy life – make people smile, it’s makes the world a better place
  3. It’s the simple things – enjoy the sun when it shines and the puddles in the rain

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