Our Insurance Partners

Penberthy Insurance has relationships with a wide range of Insurers and Lenders, which allow us to find suitable insurance and/or lending for your needs and requirements.

Penberthy Insurance does not obtain terms/quotes from the direct market. In New Zealand, a direct market insurance provider is one that sells insurance policies directly to customers without the use of insurance brokers.

When a customer purchases insurance directly from a direct market insurance provider, they typically interact with the company’s website or call centre to select and purchase a policy. This means that the customer is responsible for researching and selecting the appropriate coverage and policy options.

Clients who choose to purchase insurance through a direct market provider should be prepared to do their own research and be confident in their understanding of the policy and coverage options as it is not the duty of the direct market insurer to attend to this on your behalf.

Below are the bank we utilise for Mortgages.

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