We added mortgage and refinancing services to our portfolio in 2015 and whilst it’s relatively new, Mark and his team are making waves – the friendly ones.

couple and banking agent discussingIt makes sense to have your insurances and mortgage in one place and with a family company like Penberthy, you can be sure that you’re more than just a number.

If “location, location, location” are the three most important things with property, then the three for mortgages and insurance is “structure, structure, structure”. We make sure that there are no overlaps or gaps – this is the structure.

What we have is practical knowledge – we’re all in the property game and we are passionate about it. Connections are crucial; owner and property, property and mortgage, mortgage and broker, broker and owner… one big circle – and it’s ongoing. Once you, your family and your property are looked after with finance and insurance, things change; location, family, health… having a broker means that they have a relationship with you, they keep in touch and make sure they are aware of any changes to your circumstances.

Happy family after buying new house“They look after everything and they go beyond the call of duty.”

We’re not just mortgage brokers though, there’s so much more to it than that. It’s the individual and what works best for them, so essentially, we’re helping people. Sounds simple, but it’s amazing what a difference can make when you’re broker is genuinely interested in finding the best possible outcomes for you. You don’t know what you don’t know – in fact, most of our clients are too busy to even think about it. Have the discussion with us; let us think outside of the square for you.

Couple meeting saleswoman on construction sitePeople don’t come to us with the easy restructures and investment purchases; two out of three are not straight forward.

Combine our connections and extra miles of hard work, and our hit-rate of getting them through is phenomenal. Because of our relationships, we can make sure your application is as close to perfect before submission and it’s worth the effort so that you don’t start off a step behind.


We invite you to test us – let us help you with something. We’ll prove that we provide an excellent service that considers a best outcome for you. It’s always the little things that make the difference and make life easier.