Personal Insurance

You have no doubt worked hard to obtain your possessions, be it your most valuable possession – your home where you are about to raise a family or have raised a family, to all the personal belongings you have collected over the years, to your brand new vehicle that you have finally been able to purchase or the dream car that you have finally worked so hard to achieve, to the new toys that you will or have bought – motorcycles, boats, jet skis, etc…

All these things are worth protecting and to do this you need to ensure that you have the correct insurance in place.

Penberthy can offer you a range of insurance products to suit your needs:

home &


The Family Home: This is where your memories are created and where you have worked hard to build up your belongings to provide a safe and fun environment for you and your family. We will provide you with a package to protect not only your home but also your personal belongings that you have worked hard to achieve.

Beautiful Home ExteriorInvestment Properties: This is the property that you have purchased to provide security for your retirement and as the cover on a rental property differs from your family home, you need to ensure that you have the correct policy in place to provide not only protection to your home, but loss of rents or damage by your tenants.

Holiday Homes: The place to getaway with your family and treasure those family holidays. You may lock up this property and only visit in the summer or you may decide to place on book-a-bach to earn some income, but whatever you choose there are limits under policies when it comes to holiday homes and you need to ensure that you are aware of these. The contents at your holiday home may be basic and you may not want to pay a fortune in premiums for these content. Let us help you with this.

Children Flatting: Your children have left the nest and gone flatting or moved into their own rental. Many young people have the misconception that they do not need insurance as they do not have much when they first move out, but the truth is that everyone flatting or renting should at least have a basic contents policy to ensure that they have the liability cover that is attached. This provides them with protection should the landlord hold them liable for damages that they may accidentally cause. Without this important cover they could be faced paying back damages for years to come.




Most of us will take our full cover on our vehicles which will provide you with security knowing that if your vehicle is involved in an accident the policy will pay for your repairs. Even more important if you are at fault the policy will pay for the damages to the other vehicle.

Car agent showing vehicle to young familyAs your vehicle depreciates over the years and becomes a runabout and replaced with a new model, there are occasions where one feels they do not want the full insurance cover and may opt to insure for Third Party Only, but you could also insure for Third Party, Fire & Theft which will not provide cover for damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident, but will provide cover in the event that the vehicle is stolen or catches alight.

Motorcycles: From buying a motorcycle to save money on travelling costs to and from work to purchasing your new toy, putting on your protective clothing, helmet and going for a long drive in the countryside. Not only do you want a policy that will cover the motorcycle, but you may want a policy to cover your clothing and helmet – let us help you.

Classic Cars: Your pride and joy, you wash and polish it and take it out every Sunday for a long drive where you can cruise along and enjoy the gasps of delight from onlookers. You only use the vehicle on special occasions so you want a policy that is designed for your classic vehicle.

Child’s First Vehicle: Your teenager is learning to drive and you buy them a runabout so that they can take the first steps to becoming independent. The best advice that we can give is to buy a car that has a low cc rating and low value as to ensure a teenager driver on full cover is rather expensive and it is best to have a runabout insured for Third Party Only. This is the minimum cover any teenager should have when driving a vehicle as in the event of an at fault accident, they could be faced with substantial damages to repay.




fishing yachtYour hard work has paid off and you have bought yourself a yacht, boat, jet ski or, if you are really lucky, a launch. Whether it is trailered or moored we have a policy to suit your requirements. Policies are often structured to provide cover for the boat only, but in many cases you may want the contents on the boat insured or your fishing/diving gear insured. Are you certain that your policy covers these items, have you advised your broker that you require this additional cover?



If you have a working farm, you’ll know better than anyone that a farm faces unique challenges that no other businesses face. You can have claims from your milk being contaminated to loss of livestock to your crops being damaged or even worse your milking plant could be entirely damaged.

Picturesque landscape with riverWhat would happen if you were held responsible for injuries or damage to a third party, because one of your livestock escaped your property and caused an accident? Have you thought what cover you would need if your farm/lifestyle block was found negligent of polluting a stream or liable for fire damage?

Whether you have a working farm, hobby farm or even lifestyle block you would require a specialised rural insurance policy as the standard house policy does not always extend to provide the cover that you need for a farm or lifestyle block.

Our rural policies will provide cover for your barns, sheds, pumphouses, quad bikes, tractors – basically anything that is on the farm.

Talk to us to see how we can help you and ensure that you are properly covered.



Planning a holiday? Do you have travel insurance and if so, are you sure that it will provide the cover that you want? Quite often we see clients purchasing travel insurance via their credit cards or travel agents and often the correct questions are not asked and when a claim arises there are all sorts of issues.

Family in the airportMost of us never think of the policy limits when travelling and automatically think when they say ‘personal effects’ are covered that this is what it means. This is often not the case and there are limits on items that you take on holiday i.e. jewellery, cameras, sports gear, bicycles, etc…

The majority of travel policies will not cover pre-existing conditions and quite often when you purchase your travel insurance via your credit card or travel agent, these questions are not raised and when there is a medical emergency one then finds out that they do not have the cover for medical attention overseas which can be rather expensive, especially in the States.

If you are planning a holiday, talk to us first to ensure that you are adequately covered and give you peace of mind whilst taking a well-deserved break.